Anita Rani: The terrible truth of my family’s Partition history

Its furnishings were sparse and its contents few. The bare concrete of the walls and floor were rough and unadorned. This was the house where my grandfather lived. Like many British Asians, my grandparents lived through Partition in But when I was growing up in Bradford in the eighties, my family rarely spoke about the past, and I had no idea how much it had affected our history. Anita Rani journeyed to the Pakistan village her grandfather came from to find out what happened to his first wife and children Credit: I knew that he later married my grandmother in an arranged marriage when she came over from Burma in the fifties, and that together they had four daughters, among them my mum. I knew that neither his first wife, nor their child, had survived Partition. But he had never spoken about the horrific violence surrounding their death. His silence was not uncommon.

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Diversity , 6 4 , ; doi: Buchanan 3, Bert Theunissen 4, Peter A. Koolmees 5 and Johannes A. Cattle are our most important livestock species because of their production and role in human culture. Many breeds that differ in appearance, performance and environmental adaptation are kept on all inhabited continents, but the historic origin of the diverse phenotypes is not always clear. We give an account of the history of cattle by integrating archaeological record and pictorial or written sources, scarce until years ago, with the recent contributions of DNA analysis.

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Anita Rani: The terrible truth of my family’s Partition history

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Please sign up to read full document. Text Preview Evaluate the effect on children and young people of having positive relationships during periods of transition. Give an example from your school of how this was facilitated. Transition periods can be either an exciting or unpleasant time for children and young people. It is often believed if a child has positive relationships the transition can be easier on them.

Children and young people need strong attachments. They need regularity, trust and a good bonding whether it be with their teaching assistant or class teacher.

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Ancient[ edit ] The Multan region has been continuously inhabited for at least 5, years. According to Hindu mythology, Multan was founded by the Hindu sage Kashyapa. During the siege of the city’s citadel, Alexander leaped into the inner area of the citadel, [18] where he killed the Mallians’ leader. Arabic and Sindhi were spoken in both cities, [28] though the inhabitants of Multan were reported by Estakhri to also have been speakers of Persian , [27] reflecting the importance of trade with Khorasan.

Polyglossia rendered Multani merchants culturally well-suited for trade with the Islamic world.

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History[ edit ] Map showing the sites and extent of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Harappa was the center of one of the core regions of the Indus Valley Civilization, located in central Punjab. The Harappan architecture and Harappan Civilization was one of the most developed in the old Bronze Age. A number of other sites stretching from the Himalayan foothills in east Punjab , India in the north, to Gujarat in the south and east, and to Pakistani Balochistan in the west have also been discovered and studied.

Although the archaeological site at Harappa was damaged in [6] when engineers constructing the Lahore – Multan railroad as part of the Sind and Punjab Railway , used brick from the Harappa ruins for track ballast , an abundance of artifacts have nevertheless been found. As early as Harappa, located in west Punjab, attracted the attention of a British officer in India, who gets credit for preliminary excavations in Harappa.

Culture and economy[ edit ] The Indus Valley civilization was mainly an urban culture sustained by surplus agricultural production and commerce, the latter including trade with Sumer in southern Mesopotamia. Both Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are generally characterized as having “differentiated living quarters, flat-roofed brick houses, and fortified administrative or religious centers.

The weights and measures of the Indus Valley Civilization, on the other hand, were highly standardized, and conform to a set scale of gradations.

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Cityscape[ edit ] Multan’s urban typology is similar to other ancient cities in South Asia, such as Peshawar , Lahore , and Delhi – all of which were founded near a major river, and included an old walled city, as well as a royal citadel.

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Hand-modeled terra-cotta figurines with polychromy.

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