Beyonce Looks Red Hot in Vintage ‘Vogue’ Top and Body-Hugging Skirt

Comment icon Jeremy Clarkson and Simon Cowell: He’s far from the only critic. And it’s perfectly true that countless heinous crimes against style have been committed in the mistaken belief that marrying any old jacket with any old jeans can produce a presentable outfit. Take that logic to its natural conclusion and you could try to achieve a smart-casual look by wearing a pinstriped, double-breasted jacket with a pair of tracksuit bottoms or sporting a velvet smoking jacket while remaining naked from the waist down. Smartness operates on a continuum. And, as with all successful partnerships, the two elements need to move towards each other in the spirit of cooperation. This means pairing well-cut, dark-coloured jeans with a reasonably unstructured jacket i. What you’re looking for are jeans that are smarter than casual and a jacket that is too casual to be called smart. I used to work for an American newspaper where otherwise impressive journalists would unironically wear jeans and neckties in the office – at the same time.

15 Perfect Fall Date-Night Outfit Ideas From Pinterest

Men typically donned a full suit and there were rules to dressing that were passed on from father to son. Casual Fridays turned into casual weeks and somewhere along the way men forgot how to dress properly. Let me be clear: You do not have to wear a three-piece suit to look great and conduct business; in fact, if you worked at a company like Patagonia or Google, this type of clothing could work against you.

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Defining Business Casual 23 Apr By: Now some employers are trying to reverse the declining trend and finding it difficult to get their employees on board. A crisp, cotton, button-down is your best option. While white or blue are the best colors for a conservative business suit, casual Friday permits a range of darker colors that would not be considered suit appropriate. Polo shirts are acceptable in some offices and golf shirts, unless you plan to spend the afternoon on the golf course, should be reserved for your Saturday outing with the kids.

Khakis or chinos are a good choice, but make sure they are clean, pressed and free from frays at the hem. At all cost, avoid linen pants. You will look like a wrinkled mess within seconds of putting them on. Keep your color choices conservative yet casual—think tan, gray, or dark blue. Select a simple leather loafer in black and brown. The same holds true for a tie.

Keep It Casual

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For occasions where you need to dress a bit more formally, add a sports coat or blazer to complete the look.

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Fashion Etiquette: Defining Business Casual

By Donna Cosmato Certified Image Consultant Casual and comfortable Choosing casual style clothing does not have to create a wardrobe crisis for men 60 years of age and older. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable for mature men to build a collection of functional, relaxed attire for those moments in life requiring nothing more than endless comfort. Casual Clothing Ideas for Mature Men Regardless of age, jeans and t-shirts can remain a dependable men’s wardrobe staple for the most casual occasions.

A senior man’s lifestyle may take him to a variety of places, such as the golf course, the country club, or relaxed dinners with the family. Each of these scenarios demands something casual and comfortable, but jeans and t-shirts don’t always fit the bill. In these cases, something just as relaxed, yet a bit more polished, may be just the right thing.

Small adjustments to clothing shortening sleeves, taking the waist of a shirt in some, etc.

Type keyword s to search 15 Flawless Outfit Ideas for Your First Week of College Take inspiration from the girls of College Fashionista , and see their amazing style from coast to coast! Aug 19, Take inspiration from the girls of College Fashionista , and see their amazing style from coast to coast! I’ll transfer my redefined, East Coast-inspired style to my Midwestern campus this fall by donning lots of black, wearing chic sneakers and keeping my accessories to singular statement-making pops!

I suggest thinking back to what inspired you this past summer and add that unique touch into your back-to-school look! Oversized sweaters are always my go-to during the fall. They’re a great way to be comfy and still pull off a chic look. For example, my look today is inspired by the new ’80s comeback overalls are back, everyone but with my favorite color combination of black and white.

Smart Casual or Casually Smart – What Does It Really Mean?

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The perfect age to be is always the one you are though we have to admit that being of legal age to do everything is always an improvement. Your 50s are no exception to the rule. This is the decade when a man should fully come into his own. Casual in Your 50s: Needs and Wants Your business wardrobe is your business wardrobe. Your casual clothes are, quite simply, what you wear for yourself.

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The great thing is, if the saying about clothes making the man is true, you can create the man you want to be. First impressions are critical, and dates can make a guy nervous enough without having to worry about how he looks. Use the following guide for your next first date to help you dress to impress. Dress up for a dinner date. Chances are that you are going to a restaurant that is nicer than a franchised diner on your first date, so you should wear an outfit that matches the venue.

If you are going to a five-star restaurant, wear a suit, tie, button-up shirt and elegant shoes. Otherwise, wear a pair of dress pants, a shirt that matches the pants, and nice shoes not nice tennis shoes. Depending on the weather and the venue, you may also want to bring a nice blazer with you on your first date to complete your outfit.

Dress comfortably when going to the movies. If you take a girl to the theater for a first date, wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. The theater is going to be dark, and your date will not be able to see your clothes. If you tend to dress sharply, do so on your first date. If you like to dress casually, wear nice, casual clothes.

Fashion Etiquette: Defining Business Casual

Most of our pre-date efforts invariably go toward choosing the perfect outfit. Are you going to wear a dress, a skirt, or pants? How dressy to too dressy?

What you’re looking for are jeans that are smarter than casual and a jacket that is too casual to be called smart.

From squat caps to towering toppers, history has produced a hat for every occasion. Here are 20 old styles that, with a healthy dose of fashion and confidence, could still look just as fabulous today. The hats were typically left plain to emphasize their bell-shaped silhouette, though they also offered a blank canvas for embellishment. The headgear often featured bright colors, feathery ornamentations, and elaborate designs that signified status.

When looking for a way to protect the heads of horseback riders from branches, brothers Thomas and William Bowler came up with their namesake cap. The bowler hat was sturdy, compact, and appropriate for most any occasion. It could be easily identified by its brimless, round shape evoking that of a pillbox. It began gaining steam in the s before reaching peak popularity with First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the s.

Once they fit that criteria, fascinators can take the form of flowers, feathers, fabric, or whatever else the wearer can engineer to stay on their head. And though they’re still popular in the U.

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